HUSH! Media Owns & Operates Over 60 Digital Radio Stations Reaching 1 Million Online Users Monthly Per Station. Our FM Radio Stations Reach a Combined 30 Million Listeners Monthly. Social Media Reaches 40 Mil/mo.

  1. Rates are guaranteed for length of contract period, maximum contract period is one month.
  2. All programs and announcements are subject to station approval.
  3. This rate is published for convenient reference to advertisers and agencies, and is not an offer of  facilities.

Click Here To Download The Rate Card: Hush Media Rate Card 2019 Update


After you’ve made your payment, submit the information required (below) to [email protected].

For Brands:

  • Business Name
  • Business Description
  • Business Logo
  • Business Phone #
  • Business Website
  • Banners (300×250 – 728×90)
  • Twitter Script(s) – Social Media
  • 30 Sec. Commercial MP3
  • Twitter Username
  • 3 High Quality Pictures
  • Order Confirmation Number

Everything must be sent in ONE email or your submission will be deleted. Your tweets will not post until we have everything submitted correctly. Take your time so that everything can flow progressively. Once we’ve received the following information we’ll get your campaign designed within 2-3 business days.

*Note* Sponsors are paid directly through their website and via paypal or check. Affiliate programs are set up for the sponsor. To see how sponsors earn direct income from pr campaigns click here.

About The DJ Grid

The DJ Grid is a state of the art progressive radio & media management organization which delivers real time branding, advertising solutions & consulting. They’ve combined the world’s most successful radio promoters under one roof. They were put in place by Amada Records to spread your ‘product’ to the masses! 1/3 of their network reaches 2.1 billion impressions per 90 day campaign based on statistics provided by Twitter, Facebook & Sprout Social.

About Our Featured Sponsor

Amada Records is a premier record label underneath the EAE Management Group umbrella and is distributed independently. EAE Management Group owns and operates over thirty licensed radio stations and covers over thirty major markets. EAE Radio Networks (A division of EAE Management Group) averages more than 100,000 weekly listeners per station and expands to over 30 countries. EAE Management Group’s services over 5,000 clients yearly and manages over 50,000 social media profiles. Providing services which range from brand development to physical music distribution, Amada Records delivers signature turn-key solutions for any artist. Amada Records offers an exclusive in-house revenue-based distribution formula, which enables artists to generate sales and exposure of their artistic work without entering into a 360 deal. When signing your project to Amada Records, artists immediately receive a complete staff.