Accutron’s Iconic Spaceview Watch Is Reinvented for 2020

The original Accutron Spaceview was born in an era of unparalleled risk-taking during the 1960s. The watch’s deconstructed outer case design and exposed tuning-fork movement were never actually meant for mass production — this particular model was originally provided to retailers as display units to help explain how the Accutron technology worked. Retailers and consumers loved it so much that they asked for it to be sold.

Six decades later, Accutron continues to revolutionize the watch industry with the Spaceview 2020 that’s powered by a whole new method of timekeeping. They’ve kept the same open-work dial design while introducing the world’s first electrostatic energy movement to power a timepiece.

For those wanting a sportier vibe, the Accutron DNA carries the “genetic information” of the original Spaceview fit with modern aesthetics, like an integrated rubber strap and sleeker lines throughout.


Then there’s the Accutron Legacy collection that revives some of the most memorable Accutron styles from the 1960s-70s and reimagined for today. Each of the 12 styles in the Accutron Legacy collection is limited to just 600 individually numbered pieces.


For more, visit and check out The Accutron Show podcast, a series of conversations with notable guests and experts from various fields.

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