Taking Talent to the Next Level is the Mission: Juel’s Of Rome

Juel Salazar of Juel’s Of Rome is a WestCoast PR Branding and Public Relations rep with the experience to back it up. JOR assists in Event Press Releases, Media Marketing, Radio Advertisements, and Red Carpet events. Juel has some pretty big names under her belt. She has done some extraordinary ground work for many of your favorite celebrities. Juel’s of Rome Branding is all over some of the hottest music campaigns, and events from California and beyond. Her consistent effort to bring your brand’s vision to life has landed her with gigs on Major Headliner Events, Major Concerts, and Exclusive Events. JOR is your go to PR and has placed Juel on our list of Top Industry Execs you should have on your team.

In 2017 Juel met her Industry partner Mia Jefferson of RaTalent and shortly after the following year they launched their full Indie Service Network @artistconnext.  ArtistConnext, connects the independent talent to the resources needed to get their brand off the ground and in front of its audience.  Within the “New Normal ” via Covid the duo offers more exposure than ever with your favorite trend setters to get you the most exposure.  Music and Entertaining is the only life I know.” – Juel CEO of Juel’s of Rome

Defining Your Image, Executing Results! – #JOR

@juelsofrome | @artistconnext


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