2020 Latin Grammys: Kany García, Mike Bahía, Carlos Vives and More Inspiring Speeches

Mike Bahía, best new artist: “I don’t even know what I’m going to say. I am so excited. Let me organize my thoughts because I have something very important to say. I have to thank music for reaching my ears one day in college and making me fall in love and go crazy for it. Thanks to my manager who is a friend and has accompanied me in this process. Thanks to my label. But in particular thanks to one woman who came to change my life and the way of looking at life. She’s my partner. Greeicy, I love you and the smartest thing I’ve done in my life is go crazy for a woman and I hope everyone finds theirs. I found mine and I know we’ll receive more than just a Grammy but so many more beautiful mornings together. Thank you, princess. And thanks to the Academy.”

Residente, song of the year (“René”): “Art wasn’t created to make history or break records. These aren’t the Olympics. Numbers, how many followers you have on Instagram, the hits on YouTube don’t define art. Art is created for us to feel free, it should reflect who we are and help us say what we feel without fear. As artists, we should feel uncomfortable so that we can innovate and create daily. Tonight, I see a lot of talent but also a lot of fear. Fear that they won’t get added to a playlist on Spotify, scared they won’t get played on the radio, scared of not selling. That’s the difference between being an artist and a business person. We are artists and our priority is to make art. This song I made it without fear, without fear of being vulnerable in front of you. I dedicate this to all my friends in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, where I was raised.”

J Balvin, best urban music album (Colores): “Well first of all this goes to Colombia and San Andres, Providencia, all the places that are suffering because of the hurricane. Good vibes to them. I want to thank Sky for being my right hand in this album. That’s exactly what the world needs right now, colors. So thank you to all and thanks to my colleagues.”

Carlos Vives, best tropical song (“Canción Para Rubén”): “It’s great to be able to share this award with Rubén. Congrats to all the winners. Thank you to all of my team, all of my producers and Rubén, thank you for joining this world of Cumbiana. Thank you for sharing what unites us and unites our countries. It’s the most important message, recognizing each other as one.”

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