Outbreak Guitarist Details How He Helped Stop an Attempted Kidnapping in NYC

“Here’s the thing, I don’t enjoy jujitsu,” the now-Muay Thai instructor continued. “I don’t think training is fun at all. But I have a lot of respect for it as it is absolutely essential in a street fight, or for self defense. This is coming from a Muay Thai fighter that’s very comfortable on my feet. It is way more effective to be able to control someone’s movements and limbs than it is to break your hand swinging, and hurting the them as well. Cops took 30 minutes to show up, I had to hold him down for over 15 mins before park security even came around to cuff him.”

“It’s not a matter of stepping in, it’s a matter of duty,” he later told PIX11 News.

Maine hardcore band Outbreak released two albums and five EPs since 2002. The group parted ways in 2011.


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