Nick Jonas Returning to ‘The Voice’ as a Coach: Here’s Who He’ll Replace

In the hilarious skit, the three current coaches (sans Stefani) contemplate backstage who will be joining them next season before they stumble upon a meditating Jonas who’s clearly in the zone. But his meditations are a lot tenser than expected, as he revisits memories of him and Shelton duking it out from the swivel chairs.

“I’ve been living and breathing The Voice since season 18. I’ve honed in my skills. Channel your inner champion. Make Blake cry,” he says in the voice-over with an evil chuckle. “Little do these coaches know I’ve grown stronger by the day. The newbie has now become the master.”

Clarkson, Legend and Shelton all welcomed him back with sweet tweets, but Shelton might’ve sprinkled in a slight threat when he tweeted, “Well look who’s back @NickJonas! Are you sure you want me to beat you for a second time??”

Watch Jonas’ warrior-like return below.

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