Strictly Discs in Wisconsin, in a Pandemic: New COVID-19 Closures Are ‘Getting Closer’

How’s your family?

My mom’s married, and her husband has three daughters and one of them fainted and fell very hard and hit her head. It’ll take a little while to play out, but they took her off life support Sunday. A good reminder of how fragile life is.

I’m so sorry about that.

Yeah, me too. That was last Wednesday, so it at least has sunk in, but it’s still, naturally, tragic and terrible and every negative thing you can think of. I’m sorry for my mom and her husband, naturally, and her sisters. It wasn’t someone that I was super close with, but still, certainly someone I care for. She’s got kids and a husband all those things. Your heart bleeds for them.

Did she have a history of fainting?

Well, she just hadn’t been feeling well. When they took her in, she had real low sodium, and so they thought that might have been the cause. But most of the time when someone faints, they don’t hurt themselves like that. You know, it’s just one of those crazy unfortunate circumstances. So it’s been an eventful week. And of course we had the election in there as well. At least that was a positive. I’m sure it was crazy where you were, but it was certainly crazy on our street. We’re kind of in a dense neighborhood, and so people [are] honking and driving around and dancing and yelling and screaming and all that sort of thing. So that was certainly positive.

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