Halsey Reveals How Mac Miller’s Death Gave Her the ‘Reality Check’ Needed to Leave a Relationship

While Halsey didn’t reveal who she was referring to, she shared that drugs were an issue in the relationship. “As a result, my currency of expressing love with them became doing drugs with them,” she explained, and added that “there was a lot of infidelity in the relationship too. It was like if I don’t do it with you, you’re going to go do it with someone else and then probably f— them and I’m going to take you back anyway because this is what we do.”

Only after she left the relationship, she was able to work on getting sober and managing her bipolar disorder. “One of the first steps of doing that was removing myself from a situation where there’s a literal chemical interference,” she said. “I’m going to remove myself from that, figure out what my baseline is and then kind of fix it from there.”

Creatively, Halsey shared that she’s “making some of the best stuff I’ve ever made right now, because the dark stuff doesn’t disappear, it’s just easier to access at an arm’s length now.”

Listen to the full episode here.


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