Rod Wave Hustles & Hunkers Down With Family & Friends ‘All Week’ in New Video

Rod Wave never leaves his entourage behind while chasing the money in his new “All Week” music video.

Despite suffering from a fall when the stage of his Halloween concert in Atlanta crashed, the Florida rapper doesn’t fail to pick up the pace with his new releases. In his latest single, he unpacks how hard it is to spend quality time with both the thing he loves doing — recording music — and his loved ones. But he makes the time to celebrate his come-up with his family and friends at Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park in the accompanying visual.

“On the road doin’ show, we on a whole other level/ And we tour bus slidin’, pedal to the metal/ Starring out the window like I gotta do better/ Thinking ’bout my kinfolks, wishin’ I can help ’em/ But I’m only one man, already too much on my schedule/ Too much on my schedule, I do what I can do,” he devotedly raps.

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