Octavian Accused of Abuse, Issues Denial

Note: This article contains descriptions of alleged assault.

London rapper Octavian has denied allegations of physical, verbal, and psychological abuse, leveled against him by his former partner, the musician Emo Baby, The Guardian reports.

On her Instagram Stories, Emo Baby shared footage of alleged abuse. A man, who may be Octavian, can be heard saying, “Fucking disrespected the shit out of me.” The woman is heard crying and says, “Get away from me. Get away.” She also says repeatedly, “No,” “Don’t,” and, “Octavian, stop.”

In a subsequent video, the woman, who is not pictured, says repeatedly, “And beat the shit out of me.” Octavian is filmed responding, “Yeah, I beat the shit out of you because you’re a fucking cunt and you won’t get out of my house.”

In a post on Instagram, Emo Baby wrote that she had been in a relationship with Octavian for the last three years and experienced “constant physical, verbal, & psychological abuse.” She also said “[t]he first instance of physical abuse came shortly after [she] fell pregnant with his child.” Emo Baby claimed Octavian attacked her after forcing her to get an abortion.

Emo Baby said she’s filed a police report and also claimed that Octavian asked her to sign an NDA for £20,000. She said she did not sign the NDA.

In a since-deleted video on his Instagram Stories (viewed by Pitchfork), Octavian said:

People are bare thinking I’m an abuser, but just go and watch that video again. Go and see if there’s any real physical abuse in the video. Been going out with this girl for three years, and then she posts one video showing nothing, and everyone thinks I’m an abuser, just because of her statement. Go watch the video again. This is my ex-girlfriend that I broke up with, remember that. I broke up with her a couple of times. Right now we’re gonna deal with it legally, gonna deal with it properly.

In addition, in text posts on his Instagram Stories (viewed by Pitchfork but since deleted), Octavian wrote:

Liars can’t lie forever❤️😌

Someone waits, does that right before my album to try ruin my life and I’m the bad guy… Kmt [Kiss my teeth]. The truth is coming. Don’t beg friend after ❤️

God is watching Mum is watching this bueatiful story
Karma is REAL

Be smarter people
Read in between the lines
Iv have all they to Dubai then the lil trio to USA  shes one demented lady. still in love that’s when the evil comes to try ruin man sad chin up through

Kmt… all this just cause I broke up with a girl
Évidence that the girl is obsessed and will never let me alone or let me win coming soon
Évidence that that video is me trying to get my phone to book an uber to leave… coming soon

I will not speak without evidence. What u are witnessing is real life abuse.
Good will win

This was supposed to be a good day for me. People are dumb man…

Biggest deformation of character. In history

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