Franchise TYG Hospitalized For Stomach Complications

An incredible artist from Washington, DC., Franchise TYG, experienced an unfortunate stomach complication that sadly led him to a hospital bed.

Franchise TYG is well known for his extravagant and wide range of impressive sounds that depict creativity and genuine talent. His vocal strength’s true spirit is a part when he raps in a combination of mesmerizing music.

He went through severe Stomach pain and infections in the last few days and was hospitalized to receive proper health care. This may be sad news for the fans, but Franchise TYG does not believe in lowering hopes and feel hurt at such times.

His latest success that dazzled the music charts was a remix “Ice ON Me.” This track has been a defining achievement for Franchise TYG’s carrier. Conspiracy theories about what could have been the actual cause of his illness are numerous. However, nothing of such sort is a confirmed report by the authorities.

Surprisingly the new song has acquired outstanding records for Franchise TYG even on the iTunes charts. We can safely say that 2020 was not a bad year for him despite the health issues. He did enjoy a lot of attention from the media. “ I was quite out of words to describe the amazement because I never thought of having such great response from the world on this remix,” adds Franchise TYG.

Besides being a fantastic vocalist, he is not short of genuine lyrics that touch his fans’ hearts every day. He can understand what his audience expects from him as an entertainer and rapper. You may not know, but Franchise TYG’s real name is Marquise G. Lightfoot. His passion for music and commitment to excellence has brought him a long way in the entertainment world. He respects all ideas and cultures that makes him more popular and favorite in a large and deviant population.

You can follow @FranchiseTYG on Instagram or Facebook. Wish him great health and success. Support his latest chart topping single “Ice On Me” available in all stores nationwide.

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