Sam Smith Really Misses Getting Sweaty in Clubs, Works One Up With ‘Late Late Show’ Performance of’Diamonds’

It isn’t all good news, though. Smith said that they “really miss sweaty bodies” during the COVID-19 lockdown. “I’ve only realized recently that clubbing for me is like a genuine hobby of mine, it’s how I get my exercise, it’s what I love to do,” said Smith. That said, it’s been nice to have a break from going out and just be home for a bit to relax. The two then bro’d down on the best post-club noshes, from kebabs to a delicious, greasy Filet O’ Fish.

Corden also noted that since Smith was last on the show they’ve come out as non-binary, so he asked what impact it’s had on Smith’s creative and personal life. “All in all it’s been wonderful,” they said. “I’ve always felt the way I’ve felt. And being able to tell everyone that and feel so much more open about certain parts of my personality and life has been absolutely incredible.”

There have been some struggles, of course — including the leak of a letter they wrote to their family announcing the intention to change their pronouns — including the backlash from people who are unsupportive of gender non-conforming and trans people. “It’s definitely more of a struggle than I was expecting, but I feel good in my skin, which is the prize and the wonderful thing,” they said.

Sam wasn’t just on hand to talk about the good old days, they also took the stage for a sparkling performance of the slow-burn disco anthem “Diamonds” from their third studio album, Love Goes, backed by a full band with three back-up singers and flashing lights. With a table holding a flower arrangement and a steaming cup of tea to their side, Smith brought back those sweaty club days for just a few minutes.

Watch Smith on the Late Late Show below.

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