Yes, A Very Expensive Truck Belonging to Marshmello’s Manager Was Involved in a Police Chase

The very large truck was later spotted by a helicopter careening through Malibu, where police attempted to stop it with a pit maneuver and spike strip. But no dice! The thief then drove back to the Valley, where he ran several stoplights before running into a light pole while exiting a Taco Bell parking lot. The driver eventually surrendered and was peacefully arrested.

“The truck’s involved in a live pursuit on KCAL 9,” Shalizi said when sharing video of the chase to his Instagram story. “This is crazy.”

Indeed, it’s “OK Not to Be OK” when material possessions “Come & Go,” but Shalizi will very likely be “Happier” when his truck is replaced.

Watch CBS Los Angeles’ coverage of the incident below.

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