Daily Paper Is Releasing a Home Fragrance

Daily Paper has partnered with Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand Zenology to develop its first-ever home fragrance.

Tiled “Modern Nomads,” the scent is inspired by travel. As our nomadic tendencies are somewhat stifled right now due to Covid-19, refreshing the aroma of your living room may be the closest we get to an extrasensory travel experience right now.

The fragrance contains essential oils and aromas of Moroccan mint tea, Somali frankincense, and Ghanaian Cacao which were selected by Zenology’s in-house perfumer Fredrik Dalman to reflect Daily Paper’s roots, namely the African heritage of co-founders Hussein Suleiman, Jefferson Osei, and Abderrahmane Trabsini.

The fragrance arrives in two bottles retailing at €20 ($25) for 70ml, and €49 ($65) for the larger 300ml bottle.

You can purchase “Modern Nomads” over at Daily Paper or Zenology from November 6.

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