AJ McLean Reveals the Moment With His Daughter That Made Him Want to Get Sober

When Hall asked how he maintained a successful touring gig, the singer admitted that “it worked until it didn’t,” and things got more severe when he found himself drinking onstage.

“My bandmates started to really catch on,” he continued. “My family was catching on and people were starting to actually see a change in me physically.”

After nights of drinking, McLean added that he would come home “reeking of alcohol, and my wife and I were arguing for a brief period of time.” But what really got him to hit rock bottom make a change was when his three-year-old Lyric said to him, “‘You don’t smell like my Daddy.”

“That was it,” he said. “There doesn’t get a lower bottom in my world that your own child telling you that you don’t smell like their dad.”

Watch the full interview clip below.

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