CMG SOS Releases Double Sided Album “CMG Cunningham” And It’s Worth The Listen

The West Coast seems to be brewing some of the hottest talent this year. 2020 hasn’t been that bad for this hot topic. Rising star and play maker CMG SOS recently released a double sided album titled “CMG Cunningham” and it’s opening up many doors at a fast pace for SOS. “This album puts CMG SOS on the list of artists to watch, says Mia Jefferson of RaTalent Management”. YB is an official partner of Can’t Measure Greatness has been creating nothing but greatness to give their fans. SOS put it all on the table with the double sided album. CMG Cunningham displays the diversity of SOS and his ability to transition from one hot joint to another.

It’s the single “Count it Up” for us as it displays CMG SOS is as cool as the other side of the pillow. “Smooth, laid back, cool, calm, and collected”, says CMG SOS when asked to describe his image. Never judge a book by its cover and in this case, the double sided cover. CMG Cunningham has a mixture of everything you’ve ever wanted in an album. The CMG brand will continue to put out greatness over everything and execute with flawless plays.

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