How To Find A’niche Music In 2020

A’niche, a Colorado-native and MIT graduate, moved to San Francisco in August 2016 to pursue music. Before leaving MIT, A’niche opened for Grammy-Nominated R&B Singer Jeremih alongside his friend Yuseff. Two months later, as Senior Class President, A’niche gave the MIT graduation speech while rapping for Matt Damon. After the speech went viral, it got picked up by The Boston and his local 9News Channel in Colorado, which also did an interview asking A’niche to define success.

In May 2020, A’niche released his newest single “Healing” during the backdrop of a global pandemic and constant uncertainty.“Healing” became an instant anthem, amassing over 30,000 streams on Spotify in a month. A’niche seeks to continue sharing songs that shatter stereotypes and bring people together. His music is like taking a shot of your favorite liquor—it’s always familiar, it’s always satisfying, and you can always share it with your friends.

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