Introducing Memphis Recording Artist, King JBoi

Born and raised in the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, King JBoi emerged on the music scene with an attempt to change his life and the lives of those around him.  The life experiences depicted in his music, along with a passion to learn more about the industry, developed JBoi into the artist he is today.  “I’m very influential in the streets, and I’ve always liked music”, says King JBoi.  With his experiences, life lessons, culture, and environment—JBoi has multiple influences from his life that contribute to his unique sound you hear today.

JBoi created his own path navigating through the Hip Hop world by creating the L.i.E. (Loyalty Is Everything) organization in his youth.  Increasing his passion for Hip Hop as an art, culture, and lifestyle—JBoi released his mixtape “Street Prophecy,” followed by a series of NBA themed mixtapes that included “Lebron James,” “Wilson Chandler,” and “Scottie Pippen.”  He also added, “What I’ve learned is, if you want it—go get it.  They don’t give million dollar checks out of pity.”

Recently, King JBoi reappeared on the music scene with a new EP entitled “Holy Trinity”, aiming to solidify his independence in the industry.  Featured singles “Really Impressed,” “Still No Deal,” and “Holy Trinity” are some of the favorites from the EP.  These songs illustrate his history in the streets and evolution in the music industry.  He says, “it shows all 3 sides of me,” and that’s important to him as an artist.  “Coming from a world as a ‘dope boy’ to starting a nonprofit as a ‘mentor’ to priding myself on being a ‘father’ has created the person I am today,”  King JBoi added.  This project has created a one-of-a-kind sound with a high amount of authenticity.

In King JBoi’s spare time, he wears many hats—stepping outside the traditional box of just a Hip Hop artist.  Achieving his Masters in Sports Administration, after playing basketball in college, was first of many achievements.  He used his Masters degree to create something bigger, and with a few years of hard work—he founded his nonprofit, Team JBoi.  “The organization serves to fund athletes of all sports with equal opportunity, and gives them a platform that otherwise wouldn’t exist for most,” says JBoi. Helping the next generation is a true milestone in his life, and there is so much more to come from him.

King JBoi wouldn’t give any specific details, but confirms there are two projects completed and awaiting release dates.  Check out the website and follow his social media handles for constant updates and releases.

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