TENDAYS is Back With a New Single “Oh My Gawd!”, Listen

Tendai Joseph Chafa-Govha is known by his stage name, ‘TENDAYS’. Tendai being pronounced ‘Ten-Die’, and TENDAYS as ‘Ten Days’. He is a Miami-born, Broward raised upcoming innovator who has now moved over 1,000 miles away from home to Philadelphia in hopes of achieving his dreams as he lives with his producer and best friend, SCOT.

They met in 2016 through mutual friends on Twitter and have created their own label, CHAFA INC. Though typically categorized as a rapper, TENDAYS has a very melted and inclusive sound. It’s the theme song for those who wants to feel empowered over people who doubt them. Father’s verse on this song was able to create an interesting contrast while remaining rich in delivery.

TENDAYS uses his music as a device to help the outcast, non-conformist kids find solace and a person to relate to through music. His music is a story and a world that he has every intention of expanding and continuing throughout his career. Inspired during an afternoon of fantasizing about being rich. A great performance that captures the essence of feeling extravagant.

Watch The Official Music Video & Purchase The Official Single On iTunes.

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