‘Animal Crossing’ Is Nintendo Switch’s Best-Selling Digital Game

Animal Crossing has taken the world by storm, and with video gaming booming due to global lockdown orders, the popular game has just broken a major record for Nintendo Switch.

A Nielson data report has found that Animal Crossing has becoming Nintendo Switch’s best-selling game. Despite recent declining Nintendo sales, the game made $3.6 million in April alone, beating out fan-favorite games like the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Doom Eternal.

“The Nintendo title has become a cultural phenomenon with major celebrities and an NFL team posting about the game on social media,” the report reads. “Digital sales declined a modest 27% in April, but it is now the top Switch title in lifetime digital sales and lifetime digital revenue after only two months on the market.”

The drop in Nintendo sales across the board has been attributed to the sudden shortage of Switch consoles, but in general the gaming industry has been weathering the global pandemic incredibly well, and the phenomenon of Animal Crossing can attest to that.

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