RedrumSociety Donates $100k to Music Executives Affected by Coronavirus

After the success of six charting releases, RedrumSociety donates proceeds to boost music industry.

RedrumSociety was founded in 2008 in South Florida by four newly made friends (Esperanzo Wilcox, Esdras Reymond, Zach Cohen, and Dylan Lerner) of completely different backgrounds in every sense of the word: families, music, culture, and ethnicity. When they came together, it felt like magic and a brotherhood was formed. Later on, the members of the band carried out different lives, one of them, Dylan, passing away at the age of 17.  Eventually it was only Zach, now living at the time in Santa Monica, CA to continue on the RedrumSociety name and tradition.

Zach wants to embody the spirit of the original lineup of RedrumSociety. That spirit is an in your face, against the grain attitude. It is music that talks about what we all think but don’t say. That theme still holds true in all of their songs, even as the sound has evolved dramatically throughout the years. Today, Zach has relocated back to South Florida to be back in touch with his roots. The founding members still remain in close contact and influence the music and help Zach write and arrange the songs.  Currently they have three songs which have reached the pop and alternative charts, and are planning a series of digital concerts to give fans what they’ve been requesting.

RedrumSociety has announced that proceeds will go back into the industry to help executives cope with unemployment anxiety. The band has released six classic singles and recently donated a big portion of royalties to music executives who have been affected by the COVID-19. The amount the band was said to donate has surpassed $100,000. RedrumSociety clearly has a burning passion for music and the music industry.

A spokesman of RedrumSociety says that “We aim to provide support for Music Executives that have always looked out for our band’s best interest.” RedrumSociety has released their latest song “Crumble”, which is already on the top music charts and trending on many platforms. In the words of lead singer, Zach Cohen “When I wrote “Crumble”, it was originally a blues song. The lyrics describe the need for a women’s comfort. The song was written to ease his pain and distractions from the problem with addictions”.

When RedrumSociety released CRUMBLE, the song peaked on iTunes Alt Chart at #15. The band also released HOW I COPE which hit Top 40 on the Pop iTunes Charts. The songs are trending on Spotify with over 100,000 streams this week! Another spokesman of RedrumSociety says that “We are trying to contribute in-country economic money flow by donating and we need your support also. Every song sale counts.”  RedrumSociety has been very popular now for young people because its songs are very real and factual. These specific releases showcase the hardships of dealing with sex, drugs and triumph.

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