John Wick And James Bond Just F*ck Already

The sexual tension between John Wick and James Bond is insane.

And there’s so many reasons they should be together! Wick and Bond work similar hours – which means they would be home at the same time to kiss (and bandage) each other’s boo-boo’s. They both clearly love the gym (y’all see them shirtless at 0:59? HOT DAMN), which means they could be workout buddies – how cute would that be!?

Plus… they both come from grim pasts and routinely have to kill people. Before they found each other, who did they even vent to? Probably no one since their past and present tramas included top-secret classified (and/or legally damning) information. Wick and Bond will be able to console each other mentally (and physically) like no one has before.


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