Music Review: ‘How I Cope’ by RedrumSociety

RedrumSociety blesses fans with a previously released classic, titled “How I Cope.” The song is fresh, catchy, yet remarkably in-depth and thematically relevant based on industry standards. The song has a unique creative background.

‘How I Cope’ kicks off with a mellow intro, with a sound reminiscent of an older mellotron flute patch. However, the track quickly delves into a playful and uplifting beat, which makes me think of artists as diverse as Beck, The Flaming Lips and MGMT, only to mention a few.

Listen to this track if you are a fan of artists such as Sparklehorse, Beck, Gomez, Elliott Smith, The Flaming Lips, Courtney Barnett, Dead Rituals or Francis Moon! “How I Cope” is experiencing excellent responses from the audience and the industry alike. The song is currently trending on Spotify with over 30,000+ streams, and it is still on the rise, with stats soaring by the hour.

Any fan of music that’s made with passion, focus, and integrity is certainly going to enjoy the sound and feel of this release, which showcases the artist’s maturity in terms of production, performance, and songwriting. The song ends with a contradictory twist. Listen to RedrumSociety’s hit single ‘How I Cope’ below:



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