IKEA Is Giving Customers Discounts Based on How Far They Travel

IKEA has rolled out a new initiative to reward customers for traveling to its locations, seeing as most IKEA stores reside on the outskirts of larger cities. Engadget reports that the Scandinavian furniture chain is allowing customers in Dubai to make purchases with currency accumulated based on the time it takes them to get to the store.

The program is being called “Buy With Your Time,” as IKEA is utilizing Google Maps Timeline to determine how long it has taken you to get to one of its locations. Upon arriving to the store, customers can simply show an IKEA employee their route that got them there — courtesy of Google Maps Timeline — and the minutes are converted to rewards. Engadget points out that one hour of travel gives you approximately $28, based on the average salary in Dubai, where the promotion is currently running. Per IKEA’s prices in Dubai, a simple five-minute trip will award you enough money to snag a veggie hotdog, for example.

The intriguing “Buy With Your Time” initiative is currently only applicable in Dubai, as IKEA has yet to reveal if the program will be coming to other areas. For more on the promotion, visit Engadget.

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