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RedrumSociety Raises Awareness for Human Sex Trafficking with Hit Single ‘EGO’

Never before has the world seen anyone raise awareness for human sex trafficking the RedrumSociety has with their music video “EGO.” The band’s debut music video comes as somewhat of a shock to a see girl tied up and bound to a chair in the presence of a maniac, juxtaposed to a band playing upbeat and fun music. Zach Cohen, front-man for RedrumSociety said, “We thought the music and lyrics really lent itself to the video idea and to help raise awareness for this crisis currently sweeping the news lately.

To have the girl hostage there while the maestro is conducting his band for her, as he progresses through a psychotic fit of flashbacks, while engaging the helpless victim. We wanted to portray his mental illness and his backstory because the lyrics depict what someone can do when a giant ego shatters. The flashbacks and the sex doll are to make the viewer wonder if the situation is real or just another aspect of the maestro’s hallucination.”

When asked if it was a reality or not Zach replied, “If you watch enough times, you’ll figure it out.” The video has already launched RedrumSociety to a new height, garnering much attention. They also have a new music video coming in the near future. Watch the official video below:

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