World Reggae Unleashed, Vol. 1 Just Dropped Today and IT IS DOPE!

USA based label Amada Records just dropped one of their first releases of 2020. The 6-track EP titled World Reggae Unleashed, Vol. 1 features fresh talent from their new dance-hall roster. This is a great album for fans of the reggae and dance-hall genre as it covers the more upbeat formative years, 2016-2020, of reggae. With ‘bangers’ like “Be Loved” by Kelo and the tropical vibe “Right Whine” by Floy Dexx this compilation makes a great afternoon of what dance-hall is all about.

The plethora of songs with toasting may not be for everyone, but does nothing to ruin the album. A quality collection for both new and seasoned listeners, this album gathers together well-known vibrations with rarer pieces to create an experience worth having in any given setting.

We want all of our readers to purchase the album on iTunes and stream below:

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