Honore’ is an artist that receintly contacted a radio network’s programming department to advertise the above single. Cutting straight to the point, Honore’ made our SCAM WATCH list because he disputed payments with his bank after his campaign was over. What honorable and respected grown man tries to get promotion for FREE. Proceeds from the campaign he disputed were to go to a non profit that was designed help the youth.

There’s Nothing Friendly About Chargeback Fraud

“Fraud” is one of the most common reasons cardholders cite when filing a chargeback. But under the wide umbrella of true fraud hides a more sinister form of deceit: chargeback fraud.

Chargeback Fraud is when cardholders dispute a transaction with the bank instead of contacting the merchant for a refund. Sometimes called friendly fraud, it involves actual consumers abusing the chargeback process to secure a refund.

Despite the wide range of excuses people may use, there is an increasing likelihood that these sorts of claims are false and the intent dishonest. Why would a customer misrepresent a transaction? There are multiple potential reasons, including:

Reasons a customer would misrepresent a transaction:

– The cardholder’s actual intention was to get something free.
– The cardholder simply did not understand the process.
– The cardholder experienced buyer’s remorse, regretting the purchase but not wanting to confront the merchant.
– A family member made the purchase, but the primary cardholder either didn’t know or simply didn’t want to honor the charges.
– The cardholder didn’t recognize the charge or forgot about making the purchase.
– The cardholder didn’t qualify for a traditional refund (for example, the time limit had passed).

Obviously, a certain number of claims filed will be legitimate, caused by merchant errors or criminal fraud. But the percentage of fraudulent chargebacks is growing exponentially each year.

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