For one reason or another, wearing sunglasses in the winter has always been a topic of taboo. Some people lament the fact it isn’t really bright outside, or associate the look with the stereotypical hurried New Yorker (you know the one, he’s arrogantly strolling down the street, clutching a coffee and shouting into his Bluetooth headset).

However, the fact of the matter is that wearing sunglasses in the winter is as much a style power move as it is a functional one. With wardrobes transitioning into heavier silhouettes, bracketed by thick knits and woolen coats, the right pair of shades is key to tying together any cold-weather outfit. Plus, the sun still hits the earth in winter, so protecting your eyes this time of year is just as important.

We must, however, accept that winter-ready shades are fundamentally different. They are a distant relative to summer’s lightweight protectors, not dainty or frail, but bold and expressive. And with established brands like Celine, Gucci, Fendi, Loewe, and Y/Project supporting the heavyset movement, who are we to argue with the sunglasses’ place in any wintery wardrobe?

Void of a nose bridge, The Monster Sunglasses by Le Specs and Adam Selman have a somewhat cynical appeal, finished with a devilish red coat and slightly peaked lenses. The perfect statement piece for gloomier days.

Despite preaching the word of wearing sunglasses all year round, these might actually look out of place in summer. Wearing them in a blizzard, on the other hand, seems more viable.

On the softer side, these mirrored shades by United Standard x Super are ideal for hiding tired eyes. You’ll be thankful you bought these when holiday party season gets underway.

These are ideal for complementing audacious fits. With a thick, attention-demanding temple that tapers down in drastic fashion, Loewe‘s Mask Sunglasses are as elegant as they are louche.

Moncler’s Round Pantograph Sunglasses are a no-nonsense piece, drawing on the brand’s lineage as a premium winter outfitter.

Once again, Y/Project has done away convention, combining the refinement of a pair of black sunglasses with thick plastic overlays and utilitarian hardware. If you’re into leather, these are a match made in heaven.

Highlighting Gucci’s design heritage, the Oval Sunglasses flaunt yellow lenses and a rounded frame, offering a much-needed hit of 70s nostalgia.

The lateral top bar of Celine’s Browline Sunglasses lends the otherwise classic design a futuristic edge, with angled, wire-frame lenses completing the look. These very much speak to the rock and roll influences of Hedi Slimane.

How can you not think of Shutter Shades Kanye when looking at these? And if we have learned anything from Kanye, it is to do whatever you want… whenever you want. A strong argument for wearing shades this winter.

The Windsor Sunglasses from Jacques Marie Mage feature a cool blue lens, rectangular face, and come complete with heavyset gold hardware. If Cam’ron had worn a baby blue fur, these shades would’ve been the perfect match.

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