Hiroshi Fujiwara and Raf Simons are just some of the huge industry talents spotlighted in a new piece from Business of Fashion, which discusses what future fashion could look like once the streetwear “bubble” bursts.

The extensive piece looks at the situation from both sides of the coin. Firstly, it addresses the fact that streetwear has been largely misinterpreted as a trend, rather than a reflection of street and youth culture. Secondly, it highlights what today’s top designers believe is coming next.

Raf Simons, for example, said that “There are too many hoodies with prints out there” while backstage at his Spring 2019 show, calling for “a new outline, a new shape” and Thakoon Panichgul feels that tailored clothes are “the new streetwear.” Meanwhile, Mitsuhiro Kubo, owner, creative director, and head buyer at Tokyo concept store GR8 feels the future looks like 1017 ALYX 9SM.

Fujiwara is quoted as stating that, “streetwear is getting captured by luxury fashion and [is] losing its edge” as a consequence. However, Hirofumi Kurino, co-founder and creative director of Japanese retail giant United Arrows, feels that the true streetwear stalwarts won’t be leaving their “edge” behind. “Of course streetwear is on its way down,” he says. “But if you’re a real skater, or you want a nice sweatshirt or trainers, you’ll continue to buy streetwear.”

“Anything that reaches its peak has to go down, it’s the fashion cycle,” he added. “But streetwear is just daily clothes to me so nothing has peaked. Streetwear doesn’t change — the peak is [relevant for the] people that want new things.”

That point is echoed by Highsnobiety’s Christopher Morency, who told BoF that “It’s a misconception [that] streetwear is a trend, surface-level adoption of streetwear is not what the way of dress stands for. If the kids dress more [formally] tomorrow, and dress more in tailoring, this should still be considered as streetwear.”

Read the full piece here.

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