Adobe has just begun rolling out its new Photoshop Camera, an AI-powered app that will basically take everything Photoshop does and put it in a smartphone’s viewfinder, Fast Company reports.

The aim is to totally change how people experience, capture, and share snippets of their lives through their smartphones. It’s all about “democratizing” skill sets and creativity, making something that was super high-end and labor-intensive before available to everyone.

“For the engineer in me, this is super, super cool,” Adobe’s executive vice president and CTO Abhay Parasnis said during a demo. “Consumers can now express themselves in ways that were just impossible before.” He added, “the camera is the perfect app, because capture is the new creative tool.”

So, how will it work? Firstly, the AI platform and framework, dubbed Adobe Sensei, understands the world it sees and suggests the best adjustments based on that. It’s capable of blending multiple exposures in one shot and will highlight specific areas of the image that need work.

Secondly, the Photoshop Camera will have a bigger range of effects and filters than your average image sharing app, allowing for more dramatic and fundamental changes. Adobe is also focusing on including its core audience, inviting the creative community that pays for Photoshop already to create unique lenses, effects, and use them to grow their individual brands.

The app will be free (to start with, Fast Company doesn’t specify how or when this could change). Also, the image processing part takes place offline, so the company reportedly won’t be uploading your image to its serves or harvesting your data.

It’s said that the app will require at least i)S 12 or Android 9, but specifics regarding this and the launch date are yet to be revealed.

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