Amada Records Inks Deal With Universal Music Group’s Leading Distributor

For a one time fee of $600, artists will gain unlimited worldwide distribution with Amada Records’ platform for the lifetime of their career. Artists will never have to pay for distribution again.

This distribution deal is being offered through Universal Music Group’s #1 indie distributor, which is currently the leading digital distributor in the world. Amada Records will provide independents the same distribution channel used by Lady Gaga, One Republic, U2, Rihanna, Maroon 5 and many other Universal Music Group artists.

Amada Records will offer a 70/30 Split, with the artist taking 70%. Contracts renew at the beginning of each year, unless cancelled 30 days prior. Artists are free to involve themselves with as many other projects as they see fit outside the scope of the 70/30 split contract. Artists that sign distribution deals with Amada Records will have access to exclusive services and their ‘Buyer Base’ which charted THREE of their own indie albums #1 on the Billboard charts recently.

Why pay for distribution up front?

Smaller distribution websites like Tunecore or CDBaby charge artists to upload and distribute each time a new single or album is released, as well as an annual fee for each of those singles and albums thereafter. This can leave artists feeling like they are being penalized for continuing and progressing in their careers. For example, Tunecore charges $24.99 for each album, plus $49.99 annually for that album. So in one year, the artist is spending $74.98 to distribute one album. Without even releasing any other music, in 5 years, the artist would be spending $199.96 (the annual $49.99 x 4 years) just to keep it on Tunecore. Most serious artists want to release several singles, and at least one album per year. As you can see, the cost of continuing to release music really adds up with other distributors.

You can sign up for unlimited distribution services here.

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