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AirPods have become meme shorthand for wealth, but they’re not completely ostentatious because they serve an actual purpose: listening to music, podcasts, and voicemails from your mother who still uses voicemail. These, though, whoo boy. Why in the world would you want the look of the AirPod without any of the utility?

ASOS is banking on someone wanting such frills with its faux earphone made of zinc. For $12, you can stick one singular piece into your ear for… I don’t know exactly what. Buying two will give you the full fake headphone experience, but I’m still at a loss. Is it a $24 joke? Is it a way to ward off would-be conversations without any actual audio? Is it a social experiment to find out how little people value $12?

If I’ve sold you on the experience of putting cold metal into your ears for the LOLz, or you’ve discovered some purpose that escapes me, head here to cop.

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