The DJ Grid & SS Global just dropped their brand new EP, “World Hip Hop Unleashed, Vol. 1”. This latest project from The DJ Grid has already made a huge impact on the world and hip-hop fusion scene. 

In their brand new release, The DJ Grid creates immersive soundscapes that draw the listener in from the very first moment. Once you start listening to “World Hip Hop Unleashed, Vol. 1” it’s impossible to stop. This is the kind of release that you’ll definitely add to your favorite playlist or music collection.

World Hip Hop Unleashed, Vol. 1

The artists’ music is melodic, as well as atmospheric. This style gives “World Hip Hop Unleashed, Vol. 1” a deeply cinematic feel. This evokes strong emotions in the listener from the very first moment. The production aesthetic on this release is contemporary, balanced, and crisp. This lends the music a modern feel and highlights the distinctive approach from The DJ Grid.  In this release, The DJ Grid blurs the lines between hip-hop and world, into a dynamic melting pot. Each artist’s style is distinctive and unique, garnering a slew of fans on an international level.  Visit Amada Records at the link below to purchase “World Hip Hop Unleashed, Vol. 1”. Also, follow The DJ Grid on social media to stay tuned for more releases, live shows, and new collaborations.

World Rhythms, Vol. 1

This release is an eclectic mix of genres and styles. It’s actually quite difficult to pigeon-hole the artists style because they are obviously inspired by a slew of different musicians. One thing that stands out about The DJ Grid in the music industry is that they can connect with their listeners on a deeper level. In today’s modern world, many artists are just focused on making a factory-made hit with a giant team of producers. This is obviously not the case with The DJ Grid. They are invested in the creative process, and “World Rhythms, Vol. 1” is a testament to taking ownership of your music. 

“World Rhythms, Vol. 1” is immediately likable on the first listen. However, each time you go back to it you’ll discover more and more details and nuances. On top of this, it’s catchy, vibrant, and colorful, which is exactly what listeners are looking for with a world-inspired release. 

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