Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Sells $2 Million of Product in Minutes

Kim Kardashian seemingly has another hit venture on her hands, as TMZ reports that the 38-year-old businesswoman’s new shapewear brand, SKIMS, sold $2 million in product in the first minutes of the inaugural launch. The debut SKIMS collection went on sale yesterday, September 10, and so many people wanted to be the first to purchase that the website crashed and the brand had to push the launch back one hour.

TMZ adds that $2 million in sales is an incredibly high number for shapewear and undergarment brands. To compare, Spanx made $4 million in profits in its first year. SKIMS is already well on its way to surpassing that.

SKIMS reportedly had thousands of items for sale beginning yesterday, with nothing priced over $100. The initial inventory nearly sold out completely, as the brand is currently attempting to restock.

Kim Kardashian originally named her solutionwear brand Kimono, but this was met with unavoidable backlash due to its ties in Japanese culture. She ultimately decided to change the name to SKIMS just weeks before the inaugural release.

For more on SKIMS’ high-dollar launch day, visit TMZ.

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