An Iowa Government Official’s Love For Tupac Got Him Fired

On June 17, Jerry Foxhoven was made to resign from his position as the director of the Iowa Department of Human Services after two years in the role. The reason? Foxhoven was a huge fan of Tupac Shakur — and he let his subordinates know. According to The Associated Press, his resignation came after he sent out an email to each of the agency’s 4,300 of employees asking them to commemorate the late rapper’s birthday by spending the weekend listening his music.

While the timing certainly seems suspicious, a spokesperson from Iowa’s Government claims the June 14 Tupac was not the cause for the resignation. However, 350 pages of Tupac-related internal emails beg to differ. Not according to Foxhoven, he told The New York Times he thought it was all “a coincidence.”

Mr. Foxhoven was a die-hard fan of the rapper and often referred to Tupac in messages, even holding “Tupac Fridays” to play his music in the office. He was known to quote Tupac lyrics to employees and in holiday-themed messages. The 66 year-old even celebrated his birthday party with Tupac cookies decorated with the phrase “Thug Life.”

In response to the haters he said, “I am going to hang in there on him — despite all of the naysayers.” Or in the words of the great Tupac: “Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back; it simply means that you are two steps ahead.”

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