Our Legacy’s Spring 2020 Collection Shows the Clash Between Progression & Traditional

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Brand: Our Legacy

Season: Spring 2020

Key Pieces: The black button up shirt with a print on the front perfectly encapsulates the clash between tradition and progression.

Release Date: January 2020

Buy: Our Legacy

Editor’s Notes: The Our Legacy Spring 2020 collection, called “Joyous Reunion,” is influenced by the “clash between tradition and progression.”

Creative director Christopher Nying explained, “As we become more enlightened, there is a disconnect between tradition and progression. This collection is inspired by that disconnect, and the social movements who push boundaries, whether it is the anti-war demonstrations, the sexual liberation, or the birth of funk… The result is pieces of clothing as modern placards.”

The collection consists of retro futuristic materials combined with artisanal handicraft — bleached silk, patent leather, latex-inspired synthetics, hand-knitted details mix with earthy colors, papier-maché, photo collages, and illustrations.

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