Artist Duo OrtaMiklos Bring Surreal Roman Decadence to Design Miami

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Berlin’s Functional Art Gallery is bringing Roman decadence to Design Miami this week via an installation by Franco-Danish artistic duo OrtaMiklos.

The exhibit is titled Decadence and it draws inspiration from Thomas Couture’s painting The Romans in Their Decadence, which dates back to 1847. OrtaMiklos’ interpretation is a series of mutant, surrealist furniture sculptures that play extravagantly with shape and color.

Describing their work, OrtaMiklos speak of “ignorant design,” a process that involves exploring boundaries and applying ideas to unknown aesthetic realms. In this case, that relates to material values and traditional form and function.

You can find OrtaMiklos’ Decadence in Hall 1.1, booth G18, at Design Miami until June 16. Head over to the Design Miami website for more information.

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