Take a Look at the Rumored Lavender & Green iPhone 11 XR

According to Bloomberg’s Apple and devices reporter Mark Gurman, the forthcoming iPhone 11 XR (name to be confirmed) will be available in lavender and green. See the mockup of what the new phones might look like below, including the rumored square camera casing, which is said to house two cameras on the XR model.

Originally, it was reported that the next generation iPhone would be available in blue and coral colorways, but now it looks like those color choices are being replaced by green and purple. The new iPhones are also expected to arrive in black, white, yellow, and red, the latter of which is part of the (PRODUCT)RED line which donates proceeds to HIV and AIDS research.

Of course, we’ll still be waiting a while before Apple itself confirms anything officially. Typically, the company releases details about its new iPhones in September, so check back for more info as it emerges.

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