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Electric Violinist Asher Laub Captures our “Attention”

Musical veteran, Asher Laub spent the last 2 decades entrenched in the new york club date music scene, although you wouldn’t know it from his youthful looks. He already has three degrees in the sciences and pretty much ditched it as he started gaining international exposure as a dancing violinist. This ultra-intellectual artist is pretty versatile to say the least. This also captures our attention in more ways than one. It’s ironic that his new single is a take on Charlie Puth’s “Attention“. It seems this man’s backstory is something that would already garner people’s attention as well.

 So how does a bright young nursing professional with so many degrees end up in music? According to Laub himself, it’s because the violin is his passion. He started out on it so early. In an interview, he states that he chose the violin during his formative years. And he was deeply involved in the Suzuki method by the tender age of 3.

 With a passion for music, Laub studied classical music, growing up. However, he loves to integrate the violin into modern electronic music. Take for example his song “Neon Dreams“. Laub has just finished his music video for it as well. It features break dancing. If you think that the violin does not pair with electronica, this song would prove you wrong.

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 The New York based artist likes to have edgy music in his repertoire. His party-animal side seems to peak out from under the covers, as do the original tunes he produces. The marriage of such musical dichotomies as classical and dance is exactly what makes Laub so unique. His high energy productions set him apart from virtually anyone out there. And forging a unique path seems to be exactly the niche that Laub is so comfortable in. He is reticent, it seems, to produce anything that appears slightly conventional.

 The feedback from audiences around the world regarding “Neon Dreams” seems to prove that people really dig what Asher Laub is doing. His previous accolades might pale in comparison to the admiration he may garner from putting a fresh take on Charlie Puth’s hit “Attention”. The music video has some surprises, including the technology that comprises of special effects. Through even his covers, Laub utilizes the element of surprise that seems to be working for him so well.

 Those who don’t like either genres of music may have difficulty understanding what Asher Laub is trying to do. Radiohead faced the same confusion when they forged their unique path as a band. But experimental music does not have to sound clangy. It doesn’t even need to be dissonant. In fact, it can be down right pop music friendly.

 Laub is on his mission to break into sacred musical spaces. He co-headlines at Carnegie Hall on June 29th to help raise funds and humanitarian awareness. Not only is it sure to be an eye-catching performance, but proceeds are going to Haitian-Americans in Action. The charity aims to end child slavery in Haiti. Also, the charity helps needy Haitians world-wide, including the United States.

Ultimately, you will miss out if you don’t at least try to see what all the hype is about. You will at the very least be impressed by Laub’s dexterity.

Download Asher’s music via iTunes, stream it on Spotify or click here. Find & follow Asher Laub on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

Watch “Neon Dreams” Official Video:

Carnegie hall concert:

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