Here’s Why Supreme’s Cupid Figurine Is Rumored to Cost $4,000

Supreme is well-known for its outlandish accessories. In recent seasons alone, the brand has released a branded pinball machine, a gold license plate, and a kayak. But even by its own crazy standards, this weeks drop of a porcelain figurine with a rumored retail of just under $4,000 seems excessive.

But, like the Steiff Bear the brand dropped last season, there’s actually sound reasoning to the lofty price. The hand-painted cupid figurine is made by Meissen, Europes oldest porcelain manufacturer which was founded all the way back in 1710 by Augustus the Strong.

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Supreme®/Meissen® Hand-Painted Porcelain Cupid Figurine Handmade, hand-painted porcelain figurine. Made in Germany exclusively for Supreme. 6.5” x 11”.

A post shared by Meissen (@meissen_porcelain) on Feb 18, 2019 at 6:59am PST

Each limited-edition porcelain is hand-painted by an experienced Meissen artist. When the brand first started, the pieces were so rare and expensive that only the elite could buy them. Nowadays, Meissen’s figurines are treated like art, and its pieces are sold in famed auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Basically, if you’re into porcelain, getting your hands on a Messein figurine is the ultimate grail.

Surprisingly, Supreme’s Meissen figurine, which adds a box logo T-shirt to a cupid design from the 1860s, is actually one of the cheaper pieces on the market. In recent years, the brand has sold a figure of a monkey playing the harp for €6,490 (approximately $7,338), a bear figure for €7,990 (approximately $9,000) and a ballet dancer for €9,490 (approximately $10,732).

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