Reference Studios is a communications agency connecting the dots between fashion, PR, and experiential marketing in Berlin, and from partner offices in London, Paris, and Milan. Among Reference’s clients are Slam Jam, 032c, SSS World Corp, and Our Legacy.

To learn more about the company, we met up with Reference Studios’ friends and family — as lensed by photographer Matt Lambert — and spoke to company founder Mumi Haiati about Reference’s various arms, how the company is connecting Berlin to the wider fashion world, and this year’s upcoming Reference Berlin festival.

Reference Studios is essentially a more mature version of my earlier, eponymous establishment Bureau Haiati; which, looking back, was more of a one-man-show. I wanted to create an institution everyone could relate to, something more democratic. Since everything starts with a reference and ideally, eventually becomes a point of reference, I thought it was the perfect name for what I intended to achieve. My vision was to evolve. Build something greater, more accessible and faceted. Now, Reference is on its way to become a platform with different arms – communications, a festival and further departments which will be unveiled in the near future.

Mumi, CEO / Founder wears: Coat & cap by Prada courtesy of Voo Store Berlin, pants by Issey Miyake, & shoes by Camper Lab x Kiko Kostadinov

Matt Lambert /

Andrew Taylor-Parr, Image Director, wears: T-shirt by 032C

Matt Lambert /

Patrick Glatthaar, Make-up artist, wears: Shirt & trousers by Prada courtesy of Voo Store Berlin

Matt Lambert /

Berlin has an amazing energy, there’s a unique vibrance in the art scene, in music and nightlife. Especially in times of Trump and Brexit, it very much feels like a magnet for like-minded people. Berlin is Europe’s main creative hub. On a level, it provides an amount of freedom no other capital can compete with. I suppose that’s why the industry is curious about the city – you’re likely to catch a feeling of unlimited opportunity – which makes it the ideal place for research and experimentation. And I’m not even talking about club culture. Compared to other capitals, there is a certain authenticity. There is less pressure, plus a sentiment of a very German feeling – being down to earth. At times it feels utopian.

Polina Sova, Model, wears: Dress by Ximon Lee , coat by Maison Margiela courtesy of Voo Store Berlin

Affa Osman, Casting Director, wears: Coat by G-lab

Matt Lambert /

Jan Quammie, Style Director at Highsnobiety, wears: Shirt & Trousers by Julia Seemann, top by SSS World Corp

Matt Lambert /

Jan Heinrich, artist, wears: Longsleeve by 032c

Matt Lambert /

I don’t know of another agency in Germany operating on a level as international as ours. We host events internationally; during art fairs and fashion weeks, with a focus on Paris, Milan and London. Still, we consider ourselves a, so to say, simple communications agency – globally striving for quality and outstanding service. Nothing more, nothing less.

I believe, by doing just that, we put Berlin on the map. We represent our base internationally on the best level possible.

Marc Goehring, Fashion Director at 032c, wears: Key holder & pullover by 032c

Matt Lambert /

Nathalie Franz, Magic Stripes founder, wears: Ximon Lee jacket & pants

Matt Lambert /

Tim Neugebauer, Journalist wears: Shirt & trousers by Miu Miu courtesy of Voo Store Berlin, jacket by Our Legacy, shoes by Salomon

Matt Lambert /

Adriano Sack, Journalist, wears: Jacket by Craig Green courtesy of Voo Store Berlin

Matt Lambert /

At the core, there is communications, consultancy and events. Then there is the festival launching this year. We are specialized in experiential marketing and building and maintaining communities. Our portfolio is multilayered; we operate in an often disruptive manner.

We work with Italian streetwear giant Slam Jam, the iconic 032c, Justin O`shea’s SSS World Corp, the amazing Swedes Our Legacy (which I personally love to wear) and progressive eyewear brand Gentle Monster, just to name a few – adding to our variety is Spazio Maiocchi (a creative space run by Slam Jam & Carhartt in Milan) which is a cultural game changer in the Milanese landscape.

From left to right – Daniela wears: Longsleeve by SSS World Corp, skirt by Our Legacy. Mumi, CEO and Founder wears: Coat & cap by Prada courtesy of Voo Store Berlin, pants by Issey Miyake, & shoes by Camper Lab x Kiko Kostadinov. Josi wears: T-Shirt by OIL, pants by Kappa Kontroll, key holder & shoes by 032c. Sam wears: Cap & vest by 032c, hoodie by Kappa Kontroll, shoes by Salomon. Branco wears: Hat, Jacket & Trousers by Our Legacy, shoes by SSS World Corp, scarf by OIL. Mika, Managing Director Reference Studios wears: Shoes by SSS World Corp, dress by OIL, glasses by Gentle Monster, longsleeve by SSS World Corp. Max wears: Longsleeve by SSS World Corp, trousers by 032c

Also we have more unexpected projects like Hoodoo – an immersive theatre which will be premiering in Berlin soon, or our MTV Yo! Raps Series. 2019 will bring streetwear and luxury fashion even closer together. Where worlds collide, we are in our natural habitat and shine.

Joerg Koch, 032C Founder, wears: Supreme. Maria Koch, 032C Apparel Designer, wears: Longsleeve by 032c. Marc Goehring wears: Key Holder & pullover by 032c
Top left – Mika, Managing Director Reference Studios, wears: Shoes by SSS World Corp, dress by OIL, glasses by Gentle Monster, longsleeve by SSS World Corp. Top Right: Paulina Schulz aka DJ Gigola wears: Trousers by Julia Seemann, top by Prada courtesy of Voo Store Berlin, shoes by SSS World Corp. Bottom Left – Nick Koenigsknecht, Gallerist Peres Projects, wears: Shirt by Prada, watch by Patek Philippe. Bottom right – Donna Huanca, Artist wears: Top by Marques Almeida courtesy of Voo Store Berlin, necklace by Sita Abellan, pants by Craig Green courtesy of Voo Store Berlin, Earrings by Julia Seemann
Matt Lambert, Filmmaker & Photographer, wears: Hat by Adish. Jannis Birsner, Producer, wears: Coat by SSS World Corp

Communities and subcultures are the greatest leaders of opinion and society alike. They are the genuine source of information and inspiration. Throughout our team and output, Reference Studios has a natural connection to subculture. We’re a group of individuals, and that’s exactly how we approach our work. Subculture has contributed so much to Berlin as we know it today. There is a space for everyone; as an agency we wish to consider and represent that. Engaging in any community equals constant exchange. Only by supporting each other we can evolve.

Reference Berlin, the festival, will launch this spring. We’ll leak all details within the next few weeks. Expect special projects from our partner 032c who function as the festival’s co-curator, Random Identities, contributions from GmbH, Gucci and many more. Expect something new. Stay tuned.

Marc Goehring wears: Key holder & pullover by 032c

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