Following interviews with GQ and The Guardian earlier this year, Pusha-T takes the spotlight once again in another new sit-down, this time with the Associated Press. He chimed in on his latest album DAYTONA and its Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album, the first Grammy nod of Pusha’s career, in addition to other topics like Drake’s absence from the best rap category, Kanye West’s recent tweets and more.

Read on for a few takeaways from the interview below, and for its entirety, head on over to the Associated Press.

On how it feels to see DAYTONA up for best rap album…

P: “Man, for me the Grammy nomination is just the icing on the cake. …I remember, like, being young, super-young and looking at the Grammys, I used to never see my favorite rappers up there… As I got older, and my favourite rappers were being nominated, they went through a whole boycott period. I remember rappers boycotting the Grammys. Then, ultimately, time moves on and I got to see some great ones — Jay-Z, Kanye West — receive a Grammy. To be nominated for what it is that I do, and what I’ve done — I’ve been very consistent for what I’ve done in the rap game — it’s amazing. I don’t know if there’s ever been any rapper who has embodied the streets so much and with this level of content and this level of pure artistry (that’s been nominated for a Grammy). I don’t know. This is really just the streets talking right here.”

On if the nomination caught him by surprise since the album is shorter than most…

P: “I feel like that’s what we did, we changed the silhouette. And I guess seven tracks isn’t… time-wise, it does say it’s eligible. I don’t think anybody left feeling unfulfilled. As I look at all these top 100 lists, top 50 lists, like, “Damn, ‘Daytona’ is always in the top 3, top 5, 1, here and there.” I feel like everybody was fulfilled.”

On his other favorite rap albums that were not nominated for a Grammy…

P: “I actually liked Jay Rock’s album a lot. I probably was on record with that one, too. He’s probably one of the ones that I felt like really put together a really strong project, rap-wise.”

On if he was surprised that none of the other Kanye West-produced projects were nominated…

P: “I felt like Kanye getting a producer of the year Grammy nomination is due in part to his output and how he had to turn into a chameleon to do all these albums. I definitely felt like Teyana (Taylor)’s album was super-strong and could have definitely deserved a Grammy.

In being fair, I do feel like my album was the most dialed-in, and just laser-direct for a category. I feel like my album really hit the rap category directly. If you look at the (Kid) Cudi project, Cudi and ‘Ye project “Kids See Ghost,” or the ‘Ye (solo) project, I don’t know exactly. I think those two projects could have danced in a few different categories.”

On Drake’s album, Scorpion, left out from the best rap album category…

P: “No. I wasn’t surprised. I think everybody needs to stay in their respective category. I don’t think me and him are in the same category.”

On if the release of “The Story of Adidon,” would overshadow the DAYTONA album…

P: “That was a concern during that whole time. That was a concern. I always felt that I had rap album of the year. I always knew it. That was a bit of distraction in regards to me being able to campaign that from the day that I put out the album up until something like the Grammys. That was a bit of a distraction. We were sort of strategic about that.”

On if he’s working on new music and when it will debut…

P: “Yeah, for sure. We’ll see in 2019.”

On working with Kanye West and if he has spoken to him recently after Ye’s recent rant via Twitter towards Drake…

P: “Yeah, I talked to him. Everything’s beautiful.”

On if Kanye West was telling the truth when he said Drake bought the first two rows of his concert… (Pusha revealed that assailants were paid to attack him, allegedly by Drake’s camp.)

P: “Certain things I’m just not going to speak on because that’s not part of my DNA. But, hey, Kanye’s fine, man. He’s fine. He was just talking on Twitter, doing what he does.”

Once more, head on over to the Associated Press for the entire coverage.

Up next, peep the 2019 Grammy nominees here, then after, learn why Pusha-T’s ‘DAYTONA’ is the most significant album of 2018.

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