Interview Magazine spotlights both Young Thug and Virgil Abloh for the featured story of its Winter 2018 issue, with Young Thug also gracing the front cover. The Atlanta rap star delves into his process of creativity and ambition with Abloh, alongside other topics, while Virgil also indicates what’s in store for him project-wise, amongst other things.

Read on for a few takeaways from the interview below, and for its entirety, head on over to Interview Magazine.

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Our winter issue, on stands everywhere soon, is a celebration of art in all its messy, myriad forms. Up first: our latest cover star, the otherworldly rapper Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1), talks to the designer @virgilabloh about creativity, ambition, and the weird places those two things come from ? Link in bio. Photographed by @petrafcollins Styled by @melzy917 Grooming: @arlenemartinhair Production: @northsixproductions

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On how many songs Young Thug has recorded in his career…

YT: “Maybe 15,000… I just stay in there. I keep clothes in the studio. I slept there last night. To be honest, I hate traveling so much, because I’d rather be in the studio.”

On Virgil Abloh revealing the theme of his next Louis Vuitton collection…

VA: “My next Louis Vuitton collection is going to be based on Michael Jackson, and when I have Michael singing in the background, it’s a different type of shirt, it’s a different kind of boot, it’s a different fit of pants. Music is key.”

On how both Young Thug and Virgil Abloh got into fashion…

YT: “I’ve always felt different—from the beginning. I used to think that I saw things that other people didn’t see, that I could put things together in a way that the average person couldn’t. If you don’t like something, you kind of have to create your own look. When I didn’t like what I was listening to, I just had to create a whole different album, or a whole different mixtape”

VA: “It was the same for me. I got into fashion because I wasn’t completely satisfied with what I was seeing in stores. I wanted to offer a new vibe.”

On Virgil Abloh reminiscing the first time he and Kanye West went to fashion shows…

VA: “They wouldn’t let us in. We’d have to get back in the car and drive around the block. Now this collective of us is the whole culture. How we wear clothes and how we make our art is what rock ’n’ roll was for previous generations.”

On Young Thug revealing the most important thing when performing live…

YT: “I love stages. For me, the most important thing is the view.”

On Virgil Abloh hinting at a forthcoming collaboration with Young Thug on a stage design…

VA: “We should link and do a set design—mix some Off-White and Louis Vuitton, and just go from left to right with it.”

On what both Young Thug and Virgil Abloh dream of doing that they haven’t done yet…

YT: “I dream of winning 20 Grammys. I dream of being acknowledged as the best rapper alive and the richest rapper alive.”

VA: “I want to design a spaceship.”

On their advice to give to young people that boast their same mindset…

YT: “Keep going. Don’t ever give up. Some people say that just to say it, but I always stress it because it’s the truth and it really works. Everybody will get a chance. Even if your chance is not right now, if you keep going, you will get your chance.”

VA: “That’s the same exact advice I would give. You know, what a lot of kids don’t realize is that they just have to unlock what they do in their minds and focus on what makes them different. Once you amplify what makes you different, all of a sudden people will be attracted to your difference.”

Once more, head on over to Interview Magazine for the entire coverage.

Up next, “Young Thug as Paintings” started as a meme and now it’s at Miami Art Week. Also, Virgil Abloh joins Evian as creative advisor for sustainable design.

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