Ralph Lauren Brings Back One of Its Most Famous Polo Collections For Winter

Snow Beach might be the most famous Polo line, but Stadium was the first, launching in 1992, the last year that both Winter and Summer Olympic games were held in the same year.

For Pre Spring 2019, Ralph Lauren has reimagined the original Olympics-inspired collection for cold weather, transposing immediately recognizable trademarks — including the P-wing symbol and racing bib designs —onto winter-ready, utilitarian silhouettes.

For ’90s Polo obsessives, more familiarly known as Lo heads, it was these capsules that sent the pulse racing and stoked a near cultish devotion. So sought were the garms that, as a prescient indicator of the widespread secondary markets we see now, they’d sometimes change hands for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Actually wearing them out on the street, however? Depending on the piece in question, that probably wasn’t advisable, lest you had a pining to be mugged, or worse. This was the good stuff, street fashion before street fashion was even a thing.

Ralph Lauren

For a while, it looked like these era-defining collections would be consigned to the overpriced depths of resell purgatory, deemed incompatible with Ralph Lauren’s preppy, aspirational ideal. But fashion parameters are ever-changing, and when Gucci paved the way by working with legendary Harlem couturier Dapper Dan, the New York house eventually saw fit to follow suit and embrace its past, blowing the dust off the Stadium and Snow Beach archives for the first time.

Highlights in the new drop include the long-sleeve knit rugby shirt, a knit-tech vest, the fur-hooded windbreaker jacket, and the down-filled puffer coat. The gear has been reinforced with all mod cons, offering the weather cutting-edge support against the elements while remaining true to the initial Stadium aesthetic.

For more on the Ralph Lauren Stadium release, head here.

In related reading, here’s how Ralph Lauren is finally learning to speak streetwear.

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