Jimmy Choo Drops a Deluxe Sneaker Inspired by Diamonds

Just when we thought the luxury sneaker market couldn’t get even more luxurious, Jimmy Choo proved us wrong. The infamous shoe brand has dropped a brand new model of kicks inspired by and named after the most precious rock of all — the diamond.

The most striking element of the sneaker is its translucent, multi-faceted outsole that recalls the faceted form and constitution of a diamond. Fabricated in Italy using an innovative manufacturing technique, the sole is, in fact, a “double sole”  whereby a classic flat sole is attached to the underside of the upper, and is then encased in the chunky transparent rubber outsole. Such a construction risks being stiff and weighty, so Jimmy Choo has cleverly inserted splits under the arch and at key flexing points to bring comfort and add to the sneaker’s unique look.

Rather than jumping on the full chunky bandwagon, Jimmy Choo has opted for a sleek vintage racing upper. In contrast to the futuristic sole unit, the leather upper is refined and makes the design easier to wear. For men, the Diamond kicks come in a palette of amber, black, and navy, while women are treated to a white and silver iteration. For anyone after major bling, the hero style (available for men and women) boasts a full, Swarovski crystal embedded upper.

Check out our shots on the new sneakers in the images below and head to to cop.









Jimmy Choo’s Diamond sneaker drops on and in select stores world today.


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