Making a Frank Ocean Song Is Much Easier Than You Thought

We’re major fans of Frank Ocean here at Highsnobiety, but even we can admit there’s something of a formula to his tracks.

In the video below, Twitter user and musician @LeftAtLondon breaks down Ocean’s style and shows how to make an incredibly convincing “Fake Ocean” track.

In the video, she points out that to recreate a Blonde-era Frank Ocean song, all you need is two instruments with no drums, nostalgic, lonely lyrics with multiple weed and nature references interspersed with random moments of spoken word, a pitch-shifted and harmonized chorus lifted from a ’60s song, and a rap verse “that’s mostly about weed but also kind of doesn’t make sense.”

Obviously, this is not to suggest that there’s no depth to a real Frank Ocean song — @LeftAtLondon even includes a disclaimer at the start of the clip explaining that, while the video pokes fun at his style, she’s actually a huge fan of Ocean’s.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think of @LeftAtLondon‘s track below in the comments.

In other music news, Travis Scott and Juicy J share their video for “Neighbor.”

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