9 References You May Have Missed In Supreme’s FW18 Collection

Supreme has had a busy Monday. First, it announced a “collaboration” with the New York Post, with the tabloid releasing its physical newspaper with a box-logo cover wrap.

Then, it dropped its FW18 preview and lookbook featuring an impressive range of jackets and coats, tees, sweaters, and accessories. In true Supreme fashion, the preview included a host of references, ranging from the obvious to the under-the-radar.

Former POTUS Barack Obama, who has been featured on Supreme pieces in the past, was once again part of the collection, as were a surprising amount of religious references. Artwork and graphics from Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, John Woo’s film The Killer, and more also made appearances.

Below, we’ve rounded up all of the references you may have missed, with a little explainer about their respective significance.

FW18 is rife with east Asian references, most notably the dragon-print work jacket and pants that were unveiled during the teaser.

Another reference that falls under this category but that may have been overlooked is the army jacket featuring a graphic from John Woo’s 1989 film, The Killer. Upon its release, the movie received critical acclaim in the West and has since gained cult status — it has even been referenced as an influence for directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

Supreme’s Barack Obama homage has returned for FW18, in the form of an all-over print T-shirt and a beanie with his name and the text “44th President.” Supreme has been vocal in its protests against the US politics recently. Previously, Supreme had released a “Fuck the President” keychain, and last season’s summer tees donated proceeds to charities helping families impacted by Trump’s immigration policies.

The Obama references could be seen as a lighter, more positive form of protest against the current US administration, similar to the Martin Luther King range from last season. On the flipside, Supreme is also releasing a “Fuck the Border Patrol” hat, which goes against the grain and is perhaps a much more “Supreme” way of doing it.

Not only did Supreme team up with the New York Post on a special promotional cover wrap, the brand will also release select pieces that feature an all-over newspaper print. While the NY Post collaboration was most certainly a genius PR move, the newspaper print pieces may be evidence that it wasn’t just a one-off promotional event and that the reasoning may go deeper.

Streetwear has been enamored with racing for a while now, with Palace, Anti Social Social Club and Fear of God all releasing motocross-inspired pieces, so its no surprise that Supreme has tapped into the sport for its FW18 collection. This isn’t even the first time Supreme has released pieces that referenced motorsport. Last season, the brand teamed up with FOX Racing for a motocross collection, while FW18 brings a slightly more subtle take on the trend, with the racing work shirt and speedway half zip.

One of the more obvious references on this list, Supreme is set to release a blue hoodie and chino pants that include a shout out to Dr. Seuss and his Cat in the Hat book. Although the cat is nowhere to be seen on the hoodie, the hat is placed front and center and even features some Supreme branding.

The “Life Sucks Die” bear graphic found on one of the new FW18 T-shirts is a direct reference to a Minneapolis zine of the same name that existed back in the ’90s. The zine covered hip-hop, how-to guides, skateboarding, graffiti, and the punk scene in the Twin Cities.

Supreme’s FW18 collection is heavy with Christian references. The Jesus and Mary hoodie speaks for itself, as does the in-your-face John 3:16 hat. There are also several references to Salome, who was the daughter of Herodias and became a symbol for the dangerous female seductiveness in the bible. Supreme is often seen as a cult itself, with fiercely loyal and passionate supporters, so it could be that the brand is fully comparing itself to a religion at this point.

One of Supreme’s logo T-shirts this season looks to be a reference to Daft Punk’s Discovery, which was the duo’s second studio album and was released in 2001. In the lead up to the album, the French electronic music duo adopted the iconic robot costumes that have now become synonymous with Daft Punk. The album’s cover art featured the same font as seen on the T-shirt above.

Chito by Sancheeto is the latest artist to collaborate with Supreme. Working primarily with what looks to be spray paint and graffiti-inspired themes, Sancheeto’s dog motif is featured on multiple items in the release, including a taped seam jacket, a varsity jacket and a range of hats. Fun fact: Drake wore a Stone Island puffer jacked that was modified by Sancheeto and you can buy custom pieces from the artist right here.

Were there any more references that we missed? Do you agree with our analysis? Let us know in the comments.

Next, check out Supreme’s entire FW18 lookbook here.

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