Fredo Santana’s Cause of Death Has Been Revealed

The sudden passing of rapper Fredo Santana this past January was a shock to the community at large. Only 27-years-old, he was taken down following a series of health issues, including the failure of both his liver and kidneys.

Now, a report by the Chicago Tribune has published the official findings of the late artist’s cause of death. In their autopsy report, the Los Angeles County coroner ruled that cardiovascular disease was to blame for his untimely death, with additional effects resulting from idiopathic epilepsy. His epilepsy “tended to appear as a cluster of seizures,” and was a monthly occurrence right up until the time of his passing.

Be sure to read our in-depth take on Fredo Santana’s legacy, written to accompany his appearance in Issue 16 of ‘Highsnobiety’ magazine.

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