Samsung’s Galaxy Home Speaker to Compete With Apple’s HomePod

Following the unveiling of the Galaxy Note9 and LTE Galaxy Watch, Samsung debuts its all-new Galaxy Home smart speaker, designed to compete with Apple’s HomePod.

First off, Samsung’s Galaxy Home stands apart from its competitors in terms of design, featuring a fabric-wrapped speaker placed atop three metal legs. The smooth surface then welcomes operational buttons for skipping tracks and controlling volume.

Boasting six built-in speakers, as well as a subwoofer, the Galaxy Home delivers surround sound audio. It also includes eight far-field microphones designed to detect voice commands. All you have to do to activate the assistant is say “Hi, Bixby.” You can then instruct the speaker to play music or complete a variety of other tasks, similar to how Bixby is used on Samsung phones.

For now, this is all Samsung has revealed surrounding Galaxy Home, which it will further detail at a later date.

In other news, ‘Fortnite’ for Android is now available for Samsung Galaxy users.

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