This Designer Has Turned Iconic Logos Into Super-Cute Mini Accessories

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Taku Omura, the man behind Japanese design studio Oodesign, has shared creations from his “Trial and Error” series, which reimagines famous logos and iconography from popular brands as 3D-printed household items.

As per Designboom, mong the logos that inspired Omura is Adobe’s tri-point logo, which has been repurposed as a miniature clothes hanger. Among the other novelty items is a business card holder converted from a 3D print of Louis Vuitton’s monogram and a pen holder based on adidas’ three stripes logo.

While it’s unlikely these items will be made available for sale due to trademark issues, we can still marvel at Omura’s miniature-scale ingenuity. Check out Omura’s designs above and then peep more items over at Designboom.

Next, check out this solar panel art series supporting sustainability in Rwanda.

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